Facebook Ads

Selling a new story

Newly-licensed realtor Lauren Gregg used Facebook local awareness ads to get the word out about her services in Santa Cruz, California and in just 8 days, reached over 12,000 people within a 5-mile radius of her office.

Moving up

After working in the real estate industry as a transaction coordinator, Lauren Gregg decided to get her realtor’s license. Realtors traditionally spread the word about their services through door-to-door flyers, but this is a time-consuming and expensive process. Lauren decided she needed a more efficient way to bring in new clients.

Building clientele

Having experience in real estate, Lauren noticed that many realtors weren’t very active on Facebook. Aside from using Trulia and Zillow, they mostly market their properties offline. Lauren decided to put a portion of her marketing budget into local awareness ads to attract new homebuyers interested in listed area properties.

More eyes on the prize

To reach new homebuyers looking for properties in her town, Lauren ran local awareness ads. Being able to run the ads on mobile was key to finding potential homebuyers scoping out the area. For her local awareness ads:
Lauren used Facebook’s easy interface to draw a 5-mile radius around her business location. She used the drop-down menu to target men and women aged 25–65+.
She used the convenient default to run the ads on desktop and mobile—allowing her to reach both locals and potential homebuyers who were passing through the area.
Lauren uploaded an aspirational stock photo of a couple moving into their new home and targeted the copy at first-time homeowners, also highlighting the benefits of buying a home in today’s market to further fuel interest.

Gaining success

Lauren Gregg reached over 12,000 people and gained potential clients during her 8-day local awareness campaign in November 2014. Running mobile ads gave her the edge over other realtors because she could reach a whole new group of people passing through the area that she wouldn’t have reached with traditional flyers. As a result of the campaign:

12,684 people saw the ads within a 5-mile radius of Lauren’s business

$4.65 cost per thousand (CPM)

36X greater reach with 62.5% the spend of other marketing channels

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