The Problem

Do you want to create a Google and Facebook Ad campaign that leads potential customers to your landing page – but don’t know how?


Perhaps you’re having a sale on an existing product, or diversifying your offering with a new a service?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

A well crafted ‘message match’ will ensure continuity between the advertisement and the landing page. Having the right website content on your landing page is a vital element to achieve this and to ensure a smooth conversion funnel.

Our Solution

Figuring out what content is ‘useful’ on your website can be a substantial challenge. Content attracts traffic, creates and nurtures leads, and converts customers.

Testing website copy, blog posts, and headlines can be particularly useful to optimise this process. A/B testing can measure what content users find most engaging and what converts them into customers.

To make this point clear, we look at headlines on a website landing page. The headline is the most important element of your content. It must be captivating and entice visitors to stay on your webpage.


A/B Testing for a Solution

We create an A/B test around headline content that represents different variations of the content. This is an efficient way to understand how visitors respond to the different messages a headline can convey.

Within these experiments we set up tracking goals on headlines to capture the user experience data relevant to customer conversions from ad campaigns. Once we finish testing, the data is analysed immediately. Our team uses this information to gain insight into your brand, which headline was in the lead and why.

The Results

In this day and age, it is vital to understand your users and online customers.,

Using the most effective headlines and content will increase conversions and deliver a higher return on investment (ROI) across ad campaigns. A/B Testing allows us to harness data driven techniques that reflect real world consumer behaviours. Which means that all content on your landing page can theoretically be tested for effectiveness and used to determine the right language that will substantially lead creating a winning SEO strategy for your company.

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The solution

In order for PPC strategies to be this successful, it is our responsibility to understand each partner’s needs. Then utilize our expertise and experience to create, as well as manage effective campaigns. Craig’s PPC campaign had almost 3 years worth of data to analyze and interpret. This provided Authentic Insights PPC data we needed to create intelligent business decisions regarding their Adwords campaigns. We implemented keyword match type experiments, location specific geotargeting, negative keyword match types, and ad scheduling.

We also implemented other PPC strategies such as A/B testing and a fully integrated call tracking system. We A/B tested ads, call to actions, button colors, fonts, and anything else we could get our hands on for improved conversion rates. The call tracking system proved to be the most beneficial, as Craig is now tracking calls with full Adwords integration. Google Analytics is now reporting which Campaign, Ad Group, and even which Matched Search Query generated the call. Another key feature available with full integration of the newly installed call tracking system, is the ability to enter earnings from attorney’s fees from each individual client/caller:

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01. Homepage layout
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Thank you

We are excited to launch our new company and product Ooooh. After being featured in too many magazines to mention and having created an online stir, we know that Ooooh is going to be big. You may have seen us in the Dinosaurs’ Den where we were we told that we didn’t need them because we were already doing it so well ourselves.