Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  1. Facebook advertising costs less than 1% of comparable TV advertising and reaches the same number of people.
  2. Audiences can be “super-targeted” by advertising; according to gender, age, location, interests, relationship status, likelihood to purchase, etc.
  3. Ads can be directly targeting users who are already on your email list or who have visited your website. There are thousand and one ways to target users on facebook ensuring your ad spend is continuously optimized.
  4. Facebook News Feed ads don’t look like regular ads on the internet. In fact, most people don’t even notice the difference between an ad and a post. This means there users are more likely to engage with your ads, likely leading to better conversion rates.
  5. Word-of-mouth effect: Users can see their friends’ “Likes” so they are much more inclined to “Like” it also.
  6. Easily grow your number of “Likes” for your Facebook business page by targeting users who meet your demographic. Gain more exposure for the posts on your page. (Without advertising, as few as 3% of all Facebook page posts are seen by fans.)

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How we manage your account

Authentic Insights offers fully comprehensive Facebook Advertising services. This includes everything that you need to get your Facebook campaign up and running smoothly. The following is a breakdown of everything that our Facebook Ads Management service includes:


We upload your customer lists so they can be targeted or excluded.


We extend your lists to reach similar people on Facebook.


We manage your spending with a focus on ROI.


Headlines, descriptions, images. We create multiple versions of each to find an ideal combination for every prospect.


We help you re-reach the people who have visited your site.


Show product ads to people who viewed your product pages.


We monitor, analyze and report on your ad accounts.


We verify the Facebook pixel is installed and tracking correctly.


Advertising in Facebook is a unique experience from google search and display; however, many of the tactics are similar. Authentic Insights has managed hundreds of advertising campaigns in Facebook and thousands of campaigns in similar channels. Our performance and methodology are proven and can save our clients significant time and money that could otherwise be spent figuring out how to implement best practices in Facebook. Authentic Insights also keeps up to date with the latest development in the facebook advertising platform, meaning that our clients benefit from utilisation of the latest digital marketing practices.

Facebook allows advertisers to send traffic to external websites and to internal Facebook Pages. Facebook has shifted its recommendation from sending to other Facebook Pages to directing users back to your website. As long as your website is capable of tracking actions, Authentic Insights supports sending users back to your website to fill out a contact form or complete a purchase.

It is incredibly important to keep Facebook Ads fresh. Facebook Ads can go stale in a matter of days if the response rate is lacking, so it is important to be vigilant with keeping ads updated. Additionally, Authentic Insights recommends running multiple ad variations at any given time and replacing lower performing ads as soon as statistically significant information becomes evident. This way, the most successful elements can be expanded upon and the ads always include a fresh version.

Facebook’s biggest strength is its ability to target in an extremely granular fashion. Facebook allows you to target your users with a higher degree of certainty than almost any other channel based on age, sex, location, interest, relationship status, sexual orientation, languages spoken, level of education, and even by workplace for certain, large employers. No matter who your target audience is, where they are, or what they like to do, Facebook makes reaching these people easier and more effective than any other advertising medium.

Direct response ads allow advertisers to harness the Facebook platform as another place to showcase display ads. We can use different types of direct response ads for different purposes including generating leads and initiating conversions. This has become one of Facebook’s most powerful tools, as you can turn your previous page ‘Likes’ into paying customers. We can also use Custom Audiences to include or exclude previous purchasers, email lists, or your CRM lists. Also, we can use these lists in Facebook’s lookalike audiences tool, which will create a similar audience for prospecting beyond people who have already converted.

The Facebook conversion tracking code can be used to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook Advertising campaigns and quantify the return on your advertising investment. It tracks the actions of people who click on your Facebook Ads and provides reports on the actions taken by those website visitors. You can track common objectives such as sales, revenue, leads, and more. Authentic Insights will guide you in the implementation process and leverage Google Analytics and other tools to provide a holistic assessment of your Facebook Advertising efforts.

Facebook has become a leader in tracking the cross-device journey from mobile to tablet to desktop. Authentic Insights has the ability and expertise to optimize campaigns to whatever device your customers are on and tracking them through the purchase funnel. We are experts in the use of Google Analytics to do this, evaluating the user experience from start to finish.

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